Online Programmes

Utopia Fitness

Want to build that engine? Or get ‘Fitter’?

Then this is the one for you.

At CrossFit Utopia every Thursday we do ‘Thirsty Thursday’ and this is what this plan is based around.

These workouts aim to build that aerobic capacity and fitness in general.

The workouts don’t involve any barbells or technically difficult movements.

All the workouts come with videos of each exercise so you know what and how to do the session.

If you are unable to do a movement such as double unders just perform single skips as a substitute or message our coaches and they will give you an alternative.

These sessions are “get your head down and work”-type workouts so if you are keen to get a sweat on and get that heart rate up, jump in.

There are 21 sessions spread out over 7weeks!!

Utopia Strong

Utopia Strong is a programme built to get you strong, the purpose is in the name.

One of the main components of fitness is STRENGTH and this always tends to be lacking or gets forgotten about.

In CrossFit especially you need to be focusing on foundation lifts at least 2-3 times a week to see any major progress across the board.

Coming out of lockdown as well this is the main area most of us will have suffered as it was easy to do body weight sessions but not all of us had access to weights.

This programme can help you build up and get you stronger than before.

It works on a 5 week cycle focusing on one major movement/lift at a time. We will start and finish with testing the lift and the movement so that you can see the progress you have made.

You can leave notes and comments on every session so that our coaches can check over to see how you are getting on.

At Home

The Utopia 30 day at home training plan has workouts to help increase strength, fitness and aid fat loss all from the comfort of your own home. With gyms reopening in 30 days or so this is a perfect plan to get you ready to go back. We understand people struggle with time and may not be able to get to the gym (when they are open) but still want to be fit and that is why we developed this training plan. Each session is a maximum of 40 minutes which includes warm up, strength and workout so can fit within a busy lifestyle. Equipment needed is minimal: Dumbbell/s or Kettlebell/s but not always.